Transform your field data collection and processing – to improve productivity, raise efficiency and cut costs

  • Geotag with pinpoint precision

  • Create, maintain and customise attributes on the fly in minutes

  • Easily feed data into ESRI ArcGIS or other GIS geodatabases

  • Import geo referenced data into CAD programs or other 3d applications

  • Maintain BIM standards and protocols within your business

  • Record, manage and visualise assets with ease

  • Streamline your workflow


Hardware and software advances have revolutionised data collection in the field, but many organisations are not availing of the latest technology.
For example, some companies are not geotagging their assets or events, despite the benefits, because their existing solution isn’t flexible enough. Suppose there’s a solution that allows workers in the field to collect photographic, attribute and positional data simultaneously, and wirelessly upload the data to the office for processing.

GeoJot+ takes the pain out of geotagging and photomapping for your business.
No more tedious and error-prone manual data entry; no more cumbersome and time-consuming transfer of electronic images from device to device; no more delay between data collection and processing … instead, the data can be collected and shared rapidly, accurately and efficiently, in one seamless process.

fixON from Snapfile is a location-based asset identification and tracking application and is the ideal companion app for any BIM project.
fixOn can be applied to any assets such as rail track, bridges, chainage, buildings or pavements and so is fit for purpose in a variety of situations. When used in conjunction with Geojot+ it enables users to geo-locate, record, photograph and map each and every asset on a project and upload changes instantly.

Learn how Skanska Balfour Beatty are ahead of the pack in utilising fixON on their M25 Managed Motorway Improvement Works… More info.