Turn the smartphone or tablet your field team already carries into a photo-based field data collection tool. Now available for Android® and Apple® devices.

GeoJot+ delivered by Snapfile™

GeoJot+ allows you to collect geotagged photos and capture descriptive attribute information for each photo.  You can then map your results and create reports showing the photo, the location on a map, and the descriptive attribute information.  You can also load this data into your backend database.

GeoJot+ empowers organizations to better manage their field teams.  An administrative dashboard enables viewing and tracking of app usage, as well as the ability to add and revoke app licenses.  An organization can manage users or teams of users on their account.

The GeoJot+ app simplifies deployment and overcomes limitations of the major app stores which are not currently optimized for enterprise use.  Apps no longer need to be purchased individually, one subscription can cover all Android and Apple devices, and the licenses can easily be transferred as they are not tied to a specific device.

Highly flexible, the GeoJot+ app can run on smartphones and tablets with or without service plans.  In addition, the app can run on the iPod Touch, new Android cameras such as the Nikon COOLPIX S800c, as well as new Android GPS units such as the Trimble Juno 5 or Juniper Rampage.

The mobile app component focuses on simplicity of use.  An administrator can create and distribute an unlimited number of field data collection lists (forms) to their field team members.  These pick lists allow team members to easily collect data that is both accurate and consistent. It can take less than 15 minutes to train field teams to use the app, which can automatically transfer data back to the office via the cloud with the Team subscription level.  Data can also be collected offline.
GeoJot+ Core Desktop Application
Back in the office, using GeoJot+ Core, an administrator can edit and stage the data from the field teams, enforcing consistency and quality standards before inputting data into a backend database.  They can also create customizable reports and maps.  GeoJot+ Core is based on GPS-Photo Link, the industry standard software for mapping photographs since 2001. Download the GeoJot+ brochure.

Geojot+ Features

 GeoJot+ Features  For  Smartphones & Desktop

  • Increased GPS accuracy
  • GPS accuracy on screen
  • Offline data capture
  • Dropbox Cloud integration
  • Auto push to cloud
  • Integration with other cloud services
  • Navigate easily through intuitive interface
  • Tackle large projects with robust project management capabilities
  • Geotag and map photos collected with any digital camera and any GPS unit
  • Accept JPG files, RAW photos, TIFF files, and NMEA Track Log input
  • Take advantage of advanced features of GPS cameras such as the Ricoh G700SE
  • Watermark pictures, imprinting key information on or outside the photos
  • Create Google Earth files for easy sharing with clients
  • Customize reports in Adobe pdf format, MS Word, and web (html) pages
  • Create Reports using ArcGIS, Google, and USGS base maps
  • Use templates to reproduce output across multiple projects – share templates via email
  • Import data into existing non-GIS databases through MS Access and csv output
  • Batch rename files based on attributes, making photos easier to find
  • Use live preview maps for photo location editing
  • Edit EXIF header on working copy of photos
  • GPS accuracy warning
  • GPS and co-ordinate lock per image
  • Create unlimited lists (forms)
  • Create lists in the field
  • Email lists to teams
  • Barcode data collection (Android Only)*
  • Batch edit photos and attribute data
  • Rotate map icons to indicate the direction the photo was taken
  • Edit the photo, and annotate photos with drawings and supplemental text
  • Create an “offset” position based on distance to photographed object and direction
  • Create 3D cone images of the field-of-view and distance
  • Output files for professional mapping systems including Shapefiles, GPX files, ESRI ArcSDE Enterprise Geodatabases, ArcGIS Personal and File Geodatabases
  • Process and view photos through the ArcGIS extension
  • Accept Shapefile Input for geotagging
  • Create reports using custom base maps from ArcGIS Server or ArcMap
  • View offset positions and 3D cones in ArcGIS
  • Support most datum and grid coordinates through Blue Marble integrated data conversion
  • Maximize access to software with an enterprise license or multi-user floating licenses
  • Process data from GeoJot+ – our smartphone and tablet field data collection app